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Computer-Music Systems

Automated Composition — My unpublished book
Posted 2017-03-12
Eleven Demonstrations for solo clarinet
Posted 2017-03-12
Installation in the U.S. Pavilion at Expo '85 in Tsukuba, Japan
Posted 2013-07-28; Updated 2017-03-12
Cybernetic Composer Installation at Robots and Beyond: The Age of Intelligent Machines exhibition organized by Ray Kurzweil
Posted 2013-07-28; Updated 2017-03-11
Sequence Generation in Java
Posted 2022-08-29
Statistical Feedback
Posted 2013-09-18; Updated 2017-07-04
Intelligent Part Writer
Posted 2013-10-16
Complementary Rhythm Generator
Posted 2013-12-16
Digital Sound Synthesis
Posted 2015-08-25; Updated 2017-07-04
Score Framework
Posted 2017-03-12

Welcome to my site, which explores the computer-music technologies I have been engaged with over the years. The original plan was to feature applets which would motivate concepts using animated graphics. Then I got the notion to use the applet platform to publish actual functionality. Now that web browsers have moved to disallow applets, I face the task of reworking everything. Since it's all just me, that's going to take a while.

You can help me out by reporting bugs to the email address given below. Constructive suggestions, comments, and questions are also welcome. If you send me abuse I will probably post it.

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