My brother Tom's assesment of the welcome page caused a complete rework of that page. I'm still pondering suggestions from Andrew Christopher Smith.

Larry Polansky digitized the eight Cybernetic Composer examples.

The decoder methods used by the MIDI file viewer relied upon code developed by Matthias Pfisterer and Florian Bomers and posted to

The icons used generally in my applets were adapted from Aha-Soft.

WAV IO for the Note List Editor and Wave File Viewer based on code by Evan X. Merz and posted to

Code to get the parent frame from a Java GUI component posted to

Code to calculate the greatest common divisor of two long values posted to

Code to calculate how many ways one can choose r out of n values, and how many ways one can order r out of n values, posted to

Horizontal navigation bar by Rob Glazebrook posted to

Whole-note, half-note, and quarter-note images for Musical Fundamentals converted from the Maestro font into GIF format.

Innumerable Java insights from

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