Chapter 13
Linked Information

Linked Information

The typescript for chapter 13 is provided in AutomatedComposition13.pdf.

This chapter discusses the use of links or pointers to implement relationships between data elements that are not physically contiguous in memory. The topic is critical,

It describes a linked-list editor implemented in FORTRAN using a large foundational array from which it dynamically allocates data blocks. These data blocks can be assembled into lists; the lists in turn can be dismantled and the components recycled into the free area of the foundational array.

Herbert Brun's SAWDUST is described as an application of linked-list technology to computer-assisted waveform synthesis. Details about SAWDUST may be found in A Manual for SAWDUST.

Applications of lists, trees, and linked networks within the Expo '85 composing programs may be found in ”Applications of Linked Data Structures to Automated Composition“.

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