Two Pieces for Amplified Guitar

Charles Ames

Interface Vol. 15, No. 1, January 1986, pp. 35-58

Taylor and Francis Online


This article addresses the aesthetic, theoretic, idiomatic, and technical problems encountered by the author while programming a computer to compose his Excursion and Artifacts for solo amplified guitar. Heading 1, “Background”, places these pieces in the greater context of the author's work and outlines his methodology. Heading 2, “Tonality”, describes a circular arrangement of the twelve chromatic degrees; positions closest on this circle to a parametrically controlled “tonal index” receive the heaviest emphasis in the music. Heading 3, “Statistical Feedback”, describes a computational strategy for reconciling long-term statistical controls with short-term stylistic and idiomatic constraints. Matters of design and compositional process are discussed for Excursion under Heading 4 and for Artifacts under Heading 5; remaining Headings provide details of implementation and summarize conclusions.

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